Tears of…

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Such a cool thing we just learned!  Why the tears we shed has an impact on how they look.    

How to Find a Job With Meditation and Mindfulness

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Meditation has been good for Olivia Chow’s career. In her first month of attending Ziva Meditation on 38th Street, the trend forecaster met Noël Rohayem, a clothing designer whom she later helped to find a new job. That led to a partnership, forged last summer, for which the two are creating a made-to-fit clothing line […]

Downtowners Doing Good: Dr. Veronica Ruelas Local Optometrist Bestows Gift of Sight on the Far Side of the World

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A Battery Park City eye doctor is traveling around the world several times each year to provide free optometric services to impoverished residents of developing nations. Dr. Veronica Ruelas, who has been practicing at Artsee Eyewear (on North End Way, opposite Shake Shack) since 2011, returned on Monday from the most recent of these trips, […]

How Successful People Stay Calm

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The ability to manage your emotions and remain calm under pressure has a direct link to your performance. TalentSmart has conducted research with more than a million people, and we’ve found that 90% of top performers are skilled at managing their emotions in times of stress in order to remain calm and in control. If […]

Are meditation teachers the new career coaches?

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Blog Post From Well+Good. A high-level fashion executive was in a panic. A report was supposed to be on her desk by Monday morning, and it wasn’t. She was angry at the employee and couldn’t let it go. Now, her whole week was thrown off. So, Jeff Cannon told her a story. Not about how […]

A Day of Karma Yoga {Service}

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Click on this link to see the video: http://vimeo.com/100920933  

Union Through Others

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The state of “yoga,” or “union,” is when the individual self reunites with the infinite, undifferentiated, eternal Self. Yoga has been described as samadhi, or blissful ecstasy, because it is such a relief to finally reconnect with your whole being after so many lifetimes of wandering in the illusionary world of disconnection. The methods of […]

Ram Dass’ beautiful explanation on Meditation

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Meditation: Meditation is basic spiritual practice for quieting the mind and getting in touch with our deeper Self, the spirit. Meditation provides a deeper appreciation of the interrelatedness of all things and the part each person plays. The simple rules of this game are honesty with yourself about where you are in your life and […]

Give Love by The Chopra Center

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Join the Chopra Center in saying “Love You” in as many ways as you can. The LOVE YOU sticker is a fun and simple idea for sharing your love with those around you. Watch the video below:

To Lose Weight…Meditate

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We’ve all heard of many strategies to help us shed unwanted pounds. But could something as simple as following our breath and focusing on our senses, help us to eat less and more fully enjoy what we choose to consume? This might seem far-fetched, but research shows that eating with full attention—also known as “mindful […]