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‘Help Me, Help You’ — How Service Made Me Fall in Love Again, With Myself

Huffington Post

My patients are constantly telling me how unhappy they are with what they’re doing for a living. I completely understand. I myself had once been in that same dreadful position. That is, until I found service. Serving others is one of the best ways to peel off all the self imposed layers we created along the way to living the life we thought we always wanted….Read More 

Picture of Health: Yogis Strike a Pose:

WSJ article

A yoga-pose photo booth sounded like a really good idea when we first read about it. At parties, we’ve seen traditional photo booths. We’ve seen photo booths with props, costumes and strangely shaped vegetables. We’ve seen stop-motion flip-book booths (where you can make your own flip book). But we’d never heard of or seen a yoga-pose photo booth, which was going to be the main attraction during the cocktail hour at the rescheduled Bent on Learning Inspire! gala this week at Christie’s in Rockefeller Center….Read More

It’s a Goldman World -NY Times Article Six Figures: Veronica Ruelas – optometrist, designer and philanthropist

Ny times article

Mostly nearsightedness. That is the early conclusion drawn by Dr. Veronica Ruelas of the status of Goldman eyes.Dr. Ruelas has become something of the  Goldman Sachs optometrist of choice. It’s the proximity. Late last year, she was installed at the Artsee Eyewear store in the cluster of stylish shops… Read More

A Chitta Change

Optometric Management

My experience with yoga made me excited about practicing optometry. Despite living in both Manhattan and Miami while maintaining a successful optometric practice, I felt unfulfilled. In yearning for something different; to find what was missing, I chose to live in an ashram (a monastery of yoga philosophy) in Paradise Island, the Bahamas, in the spring of 2008….Read More

Six Figures: Veronica Ruelas – optometrist, designer and philanthropist 

NBC Latino six figures

For Veronica Ruelas, it was just a matter of seeing thing through a different pair of glasses. She says she didn’t always love her job as an optometrist. It took her having an “Eat, Pray, Love” moment and deciding to study yoga in India, four years ago, which changed her perspective on her life and career… Read More

“Super Rich” Book

Super Rich

Page 103-104 Russell Simmons shares how Veronica embarked on a spiritual journey that paved the way for her to merge her professional career as an Optometrist together with Philanthropy, also known as Karma Yoga.

La Cosmopolatina: De Stressing The Cosmopolatina Way

LaCosmopolatina article

How often in your hectic life do you remember to just stop and BREATHE? It may seem elemental, but many of us forget how important a few nice and deep breaths are as stress relief tools… Read More



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